Our Goals
a. To create and maintain a supportive environment of openness between parents, staff and volunteers. b. To develop and maintain a safe, caring, stimulating learning environment, which fosters each child’s self esteem, dignity, respect and growth.
c. To develop educational programs based on the individual interests, strengths, and needs of children by maintaining a high standard of care which reflects the diversity of families within the community.

Hours of Operation
Kidbridge Kids opens at 7:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm (Monday- Friday)
Saturday Tutorial Program: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. (Extra fees applies)

The following documents must be present before enrollment is confirmed:
• Registration form with registration fee
• Emergency form
• Health and Immunization forms
• Handbook receipt form
• *One week deposit fee.*{Installment payment option available}

A child enrolled is expected to start school within one week of enrollment, unless special arrangements are made with the Director with an alternate date of start of care. Any child who does not start care as scheduled forfeits their registration fee and placement.

Parent participation / Donations
Parents are encouraged to join us in as many activities as possible. When parents join their children in class, the children faces light up and they become proud of their efforts. Therefore all parents/ guardians are welcome to drop in and join us during our reading sessions, Art projects and on field trips. Call your class teacher ahead of time for any special arrangements. Kidbridge also depends on our parents to assist us during our Bi- annual Fundraising activities. Donations of toys and children books in good condition are also welcome.

Kidbridge provides breakfast (served between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM) and two snacks daily. Children requiring breakfast must arrive no later tan 8:00 A.M. Parents provide daily packed lunches. Though we keep some lunch packs on hand, we do encourage each child to bring their own nutritious lunch from home. Lunches are warmed by our teachers at lunchtime. On Fridays, we celebrate our “Pizza Party”. This party is optional for parents who do not want to pack lunch on Fridays. The cost is $5.00 / child.