Field Trips
Kidbridge schedules monthly educational Field trips during the year as weather permits for the children. 
School T-Shirts / Sweat Shirts are required for each field trip. Field trip fees are posted with monthly notices.

This year's Schedule:
January:             Air and Space museum
February:           Aviation Museum
March:               Miller’s Farm (How things grow)
April:                 Live Animal Show / National Zoological Park
May:                  Universal Seoul Circus / National Postal Museum
June:                 Natural History Museum
July:                  Ice Rink / Swimming (optional)
August:             Puppet Show
September:       Grocery Store Trip
October:           Pumpkin Patch / Smokey Bear
November:        American Indian Museum
December:        Smithsonian Museum – Festival of Lights   

Scheduled / Unscheduled Closings
Kidbridge is open all year round with the exception of these days:
•    Labor day,        
•    Thanksgiving day and Day after Thanksgiving,
•    Christmas Eve and Christmas Day    
•    New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day         
•    Martin Luther King,    
•    Easter Friday,
•    Independence day    
•    Memorial day, 
•    Veterans day         

Kidbridge follows the Prince Georges Public School Announcement in the event of inclement weather.